TeleHealth is a new service in our office to offer health-related services and information via our conference call technology.

In TeleHealth, you will be video calling with your doctor and you will be billed for your copay, If any.

Please call our office number 334-872-9410 to make an appointment. Make sure to have a good cell phone number when you reserve your appointment.


1- Use Safari browser if you have any apple product. ( Iphone – Ipad- Mac)

2-Use Google Chrome if you have any android products ( Samsung – LG -Sony- Motorola..).

3-Use Google Chrome if you are using your laptop.

(Note : Make sure to allow Microphone and Video on your browser)

After the confirmation of your appointment, please visit this website : or click on TeleHealth

On the website, please follow :

1- Please make sure to click on Guest button.

page 1

2-In the next five page , you will need to fill all Patient information :

First Name – Middle Name- Last Name – Date Of Birth – Gender

( Please do not forget to click on confirm button on each page)

3-Make sure to put a good E-mail address and Phone number , so Health Providers will be able to contact you

page 3

4-In the next pages , you need to fill a good mail address and zip code.

5- Next step is to provide us with a reason for the visit , and you can choose that from the drop down menu :

page 4

6- By confirming your visit reason , the website will direct you to a virtual waiting room where you will wait till the doctor answer your call